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The Conscious Leadership & Ethics Summit 2022

In an ideal world, there would be no need for a Conscious Leadership and Ethics Summit. However, we do not live in an ideal world. Against the backdrop of the staggering global headlines of chaos, crisis, confused anxieties and the pandemic, the world’s leadership is looking rather bleak at the moment. That’s not all, we are also caught up in the throes of paralytic inaction and the inexplicable lack of accountability at home, while fighting our way back from the captured swamps that had scarred our nation’s reputation. This is the context of the 2022 Conscious Leadership and Ethics Summit, designed as a transformative force for a new kind of conscious and ethical leader, the country has yet to see.

Hosted by Conscious Companies and the Mail and Guardian in partnership with Primeserv and Nestlé on May 18th at the Venue in Melrose Arch, the Summit is a compelling and significant platform that has harnessed the brilliant minds of leaders both global and local as voices of integrity, reasoned thinking, wisdom, clarity and awareness.

The virtual presence of Benjamin Zander (USA), Susan Taylor (USA), Dr Paul Ward (UK) and Sri Sri Ravi Shanker (India) would be accompanied physically by the presence of international and local speakers and panellists that include Mohanji, Prof Mervyn King, Dr Jan Bellerman, Bonang Mohali, Marc Lubner, Isaac Shongwe, and Rabbi Goldstein. Where the true character of leadership around the globe is being tested and exposed, the Summit is also about widening the scope and understanding of consciousness and ethical behaviour, about dignity, trust, valour, courage, right action, care, compassion and kindness in infusing a conscious culture. of values, ethics, social co-operation and social integration.