A Search for Conscious Leadership and Truth in a Fractured World

Brenda Kali is one of the leading voices in advocating conscious, ethical leadership. She has over the years set into motion a stream of consciousness that is organically changing the landscape of how business is done and the ethos of leadership. Her twenty-five-year tenure as an executive saw the reputational turnaround of major companies and set her on a journey that would have an impact, not only in her life, but on countless other organisations in her quest to build conscious leadership capacity. Fascinated by the observations she had gleaned after time in the corporate space, she resolved to deepen the understanding of power, purpose, productivity, profit and responsibility in the workplace, infused with a different quality of thinking and being in the world. This inspired her to write “Beyond Corporate Sludge”, insights to create balance and harmony in the workplace.

Within the context of rapid-fire change, global complexity and conflict, Veritas holds a mirror up to all leadership who are both the architect and hope of the world. It attempts to synergise the technology of ‘how to make a living’ with the psychology of ‘how to live’. The global crisis of COVID-19 has seen people unwanted and unfed and those rising in protest, torn by the needs of their lives, survival and death. These are the people who cry out for help to leaders, conscious or otherwise, to save them from the most violent and urgent aspects of an exploding world.

Borne out of the author’s deep desire to comprehend consciousness, ethics and leadership by looking at different perspectives, the book addresses the critical need to understand the multi-dimensional aspects of humanity, unlock the riddle of human behaviour and humanise the corporate and political environments globally.

The diverse significance of views from leaders both local and global, allow the exploration of conscious leadership and truth, so as to ignite the smouldering embers of new consciousness, somewhere deep down within the minds of those who read it.

If one line triggers something in just one more leader to reflect and change behaviour, then perhaps the search undertaken by the author may have been worthwhile.


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