It’s always darkest before the dawn. The hidden gift of Covid-19

The undertones of fear and insecurity that permeated our everyday conversations of late had finally come to a head with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s declaration of the country’s National State of Disaster status. The potential magnitude and severity of the Covid-19 pandemic and the President’s timeous intervention has instilled the nation’s faith in his leadership.

Never before in our modern history have we been plunged into such uncertainty and pressure, however, there is a profound opportunity to change the course and psyche of a nation that would hopefully usher in a new age of consciousness rather than an era of malevolence. It is in the essential understanding of consciousness that changes the breadth and depth of a nation’s idea of itself with a morally untainted view to muster the courage to ‘do the right thing.’ In that rare spark of an awakening and in the actions and behaviour of human-beings lies the secret of our salvation to navigate this critical time.

The Conscious Companies Council of Conscious Leaders, that include: Brenda Kali (CEO: Conscious Companies); Merrick Abel (CEO: Primeserv); Luc-Olivier Marquet (CEO: Unilever); Adam Craker : (CEO: IQbusiness); Richard Firth (CEO: MIP Holdings); H.E. Jong-Dae Park (Ambassador to South Africa: South Korea); and Michael Judin (Chairman: Conscious Leadership Academy), collectively urge:

“We live in extraordinary times, and the disastrous economic repercussions of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) lockdown on business, big and small is yet to reverberate around the country. Ethical, conscious action by leaders to re-calibrate the social impact of business, who rally around and inspire their workforce to do things differently – will be the ones to emerge from all of this partially unscathed.”

Brenda Kali CEO of Conscious Companies says: “The emotional and psychological well-being of those affected and all of us in lockdown mode is of paramount importance. That is only possible in the sound of silence and reflection. Playing the witness to one’s own thoughts and life, to understand the meaning of inner peace, and to truly experience one’s authenticity and a flawless serenity of the mind is the hidden gift of COVID-19.”



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About Conscious Companies:

Conscious Companies various platforms and initiatives are designed to shape current thinking, shift behaviour and create conscious leadership capacity to impact culture and the evolution of organisations. It advocates conscious, ethical behaviour to create a better South Africa for all.