Conscious Leadership as an effective game-changer

We live in extraordinary times that need a dramatic shift. This leads us to a critical crossroad in our corporate evolution that demands we do things differently. For a nation to flourish business must evolve to become conscious and adopt a spirit of co-operative partnership, address societal imbalances, increase productivity and efficiency, maintain transparency, accountability and governance to create sustainable goodwill.

Globalisation and digitalisation have created an extremely linked and unpredictable world, which is often referred to as VUCA environment. Never before have we faced so many challenges. Never before have we had so many opportunities to consciously shape and enhance our future.

While dealing with complex business challenges, leaders find less and less answers in conventional leadership models. Hence a paradigm shift is becoming necessary – more integral, intelligent solutions are needed. To make this paradigm shift happen, a transformation of our mind-set and behaviour is required. The conscious leadership approach facilitates this shift by using actual scientific insights and ancient wisdom.

Development Where It Counts

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Conscious Companies partners with the Conscious Leadership Academy to provide development for leadership and employees through in-person training, as well as their digital platform.

With uniquely developed assessments, and modules, the Conscious Ledaership Academy provides access to growth platforms for all accedited Conscious Companies Members.

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Business Transformation

The aim of the Conscious Leadership Academy is to guide and support leadership and their business to grow into the next better version, applying not only rational intelligence, but also leveraging physical, emotional, intuitive and universal intelligence.

  • Assessments & Consultation

    • Exclusive Assessments
    • Industry Renowned Assessments
    • Customised Approaches
  • Empowerment Training

    • Personal Growth
    • Team Development
  • Energizing Coaching

    • Executives
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  • Conscious Impact Consulting

    • Guidance on Culture Change
    • Team Culture Transformation
    • Organisation Culture Evolution
  • Guidance for Transformation Programs

    • Vision, Mission, Purpose, Values
    • Strategy alignment
    • Organisation Development
    • Employee Engagement
    • High performance environment
    • Innovation Booster
    • Sustainability
    • Organisation Operating System Evolution