An obsession with client service excellence!

Primeserv Group Limited CEO, Merrick Abel, is known for his passion for his people and the client service excellence they deliver.

“At Primeserv we foster a culture of inclusiveness, teamwork and obsessive client service excellence within an environment of continuous improvement and, importantly, doing the right thing.”

Listed on the JSE since 1998, Primeserv Group Limited is an investment holding company with trading operations focused on providing leading edge integrated business support services through an integrated approach which aligns our customised service offerings to our clients’ needs.

Throughout South Africa as well as internationally, the basis of our services offering is our proprietary INTHRGRATE™ model. INTHRGRATE™ is used to facilitate an holistic approach to human capital management and to determine the correct mix of services for each client. INTHRGRATE™ takes into account the client’s business strategy, objectives and structure when an appropriate solution is being developed for the organisation. It also facilitates the correct selection of services to meet each client’s unique needs. This service is delivered at no extra cost to our clients.

As a provider of integrated business support services we add value by enabling our clients to be more efficient, productive and profitable. We also ensure that they are fully compliant with all relevant legislation and regulatory requirements. This value is based on our in-depth understanding of both their businesses and the complexities of human capital management. Within this context, we strive to develop and deliver cutting-edge systems and procedures that enable us to deliver optimal levels of service and to exceed expectations every day.

We are equally passionate about creating shared value for our communities by contributing towards broad-based socio-economic development, securing an environment in which all can prosper, supporting skills development initiatives, promoting sustainable employment and procurement opportunities, and a value chain that directly benefits the local community, in particular South Africa’s youth.