Navigating Conscious Ethical Leadership in Business

Membership Application

The accredited Conscious Companies Membership certification model is the gold standard for conscious, ethical leadership, based on the credence that conscious leaders shape conscious companies and societies.

Creating revenue, containing costs, growing markets and nurturing meaningful employee and stakeholder engagement underpinned by a core of self-inquiry, disruptive thinking, growth and collaboration for the upliftment of life is at the core of any organisation willing to embark on obtaining an accredited Conscious Companies Membership certification.

Application Requirements

  • Does the company policy shape conscious, ethical behaviour?
  • Does the organisation put Conscious Leadership and Ethics on the agenda?
  • How is the leader experienced by others?
  • How is the company perceived expereinced?
  • Is transparency and trust part of the organisation’s decision-making process?
  • Is there alignment with what the leader says and what he does?

Becoming an Accredited Member

An integrated, transformative methodology, both at an individual and organisational level ensures sustainable long term impact and a shift in thinking and behavior that creates high performance executives and organisations. Immersion programmes ensure that the organisation has embodied the critical characteristics and an intellectual understanding of a conscious, ethical entity.

Meaningful collaboration and tools to transform Human Capital into purpose-driven, productive resource and assets.

Application Process



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Complete the application form online (Approx. 10min)

Once complete, you will be contacted by our team to schedule leadership interviews.