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Embark on the journey of a Conscious Corporation to grow and drive purpose through business.

The Leadership Required

A conscious leader can trigger a holistic vision that impacts in the behaviour, development, culture, human capital and work life of an organisation to influence, guide and shape thinking, behaviour, purpose and responsibility.

  • Understands what it takes to be authentic
  • Operates with a sense of higher purpose
  • Integrates the interest of all stakeholders
  • Builds a culture of trust, accountability, governance, ethics and responsibility
  • Develops visionary, ethical leaders
  • Encourages creativity and innovation
  • Has the ethos of service, care and kindness as core principles
  • Drives a sustainable organisation in the communities that they operate in

A Global Context for Business

Against rapid change, conflict and international complexity, the world needs conscious, ethical leaders. Business as usual is no longer optimum and organisations have to innovate to addresses the critical needs of our time.

Global Business Leadership require us to humanise the corporate environment globally with a different quality of thinking and being in the world, as well as to deepen the understanding of power, productivity, profit and responsibility.

Becoming a Conscious Companies Accredited Member requires a level of coherent thinking and action from the leader of any company who has to have both the human touch to impact society as well as the skillset to create shareholder value.

Accredited Member

Public opinion can close a company, or remove a government; stop a war, or build an international brand. A Conscious Companies C-Corp Accredited Member logo marks a businesses commitment to generate growth and distinguish the organisation as a purpose driven brand. A principle brand differentiator that creates sustained, positive visibility and goodwill as a conscious organization. A Conscious Companies Accredited Member issued by the Conscious Leadership and Ethics Institute for use in all marketing collateral.

The Conscious Companies Network

Access to a local and international ecosystem of partners, programmes, initiatives and network of conscious leaders that offer support, collaboration, endorsement, championing, visibility and the celebration of inspirational leadership. As custodians of Consciousness, the Conscious Companies has grown a community of conscious, ethical business leaders who forge business innovation for the betterment of life.

  • Global Council for Conscious Leadership
  • Conscious Companies C-Corp Network
  • Annual CEO Retreat

Training & Development

All Conscious Companies Members have access to the Conscious Leadership Academy training platform, including digital Growth Platform with experiential modalities with the awareness that the leader and his actions dictate the definition and culture of a company with added efficiency, productivity and excellence. Through our international partnerships, the Conscious Leadership Academy develops and curates international business and personal leadership training programmes offered to global members.

Conscious Companies Content

Access to insightful content relating to conscious, ethical leadership, with a hands-on implementation programmes for all necessary organisational roles, including directors, executives, management, employee experience journey, and other stakeholders.

  • Conscious Companies Network
  • Conscious Companies Events
  • Network Insights & Community

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