As the world faces new challenges and a need for visionary leadership, we celebrate the rare leaders and organisations who heed the call to create evolutionary business practices, such as authenticity, higher sense of purpose, creativity, trust, compassion, care, transparency and good governance aligned to productivity and profit.

The Conscious Companies Awards is an innovative initiative in the recognition of visionary leaders who steer their companies to tackle greater societal issues as well as to advocate ethical behaviour
in creating a better planet for all.


Conscious Companies Awards


Nominations for the Conscious Companies Awards are open from February to April each year, followed by leadership and business assessments. Finalists are announced in August, and winners announced just in time for Spring at the annual awards ceremony.

Nominations for this year's awards are closed.

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Conscious Companies various platforms are designed to provide an opportunity for leaders to influence, lead and shape current thinking to activate an inner call of tolerance, care, compassion, trust and service in business and to initiate a call to address societal imbalances, maintain transparency, accountability and apply the guiding principles of justice, values, ethics and morality while maintaining productivity and profit.

Becoming a conscious company requires a level of coherent, thinking, action and conscious, ethical behaviour from an organisation’s leadership – as it dictates the definition, culture and ethos of a company.