Bushidō – A page out of the life of the samurai – Brenda Kali

Brenda Kali, CEO of Conscious Companies and Founder of the Conscious Leadership Academy, discusses the Japanese ethical system and unwritten code called Bushido.

Responsible Banking Is About Making A Tangible Difference

BNP Paribas, has been part of the South African financial landscape since 2012. For the past seven years, the branch has taken a proactive approach to its obligations as a responsible corporate citizen, a commitment which has been accelerated under the leadership of its current CEO, Vikas Khandelwal.

Leadership Role In The Financial Services Industry

Richard Firth, Chairman and CEO of MIP Holdings is a stalwart of the South African technology industry. Firth’s successful career has spanned both the financial services and retail industries where he had performed various roles from junior software engineer to designing and managing enterprise software projects.